Roberts & McGee, CPA

Quality audit and tax services at an affordable price!

Roberts & McGee, CPA is currently based in Abilene, Texas.  We do not restrict our business to just here though; we serve all of Texas!  We have clients from the northern pan handle all the way to the Texas coast and we serve every one in between!  No matter where your business or city is we would like to serve you.  

We are committed to serving Non-Profits!

Non-Profit organizations play an essential part in helping people from all walks of life.  Therefore, Roberts & McGee, CPA wants to help you.  Let us assist you in achieving your financial goals.  Our team has years of experience with Non-profits and we are passionate about continuing to serve you as you serve others. 

We are committed to serving governmental entities!

Roberts & McGee, CPA wants to help our Texas cities grow!  Our team has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience serving cities and towns all over Texas.  Knowing all the laws and regulations pertaining to a city's audit or taxes can be difficult.  Let us help.  We know the ins and outs  and will keep you up to date through out the process.  Our team has been helping small governments for years and we strive to provide exceptional service and help with all of your city's or town's financial endeavors. 

We are committed to Individuals and small businesses!

Roberts & McGee, CPA is committed to our community and all others.  We want to help you achieve your financial goals and help alleviate the stress of taxes. We know the steps to take and our team has the proper knowledge and training to provide you with excellent service and advice to help you succeed in your personal life or in your business.